Jacobi R. Lewis: Founder, President & CEO

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, Jacobi R. Lewis is the Founder, President & CEO of IGETIS, LLC. IGETIS® (derived from the Greek: ηγέτης • [igétis] meaning “Leader”) is an innovative designer of athletic apparel, footwear, and equipment for the sports and fitness world. The company is headquartered in Houston, TX.

Founded in 2017, Lewis created IGETIS® with a mission to energize and inspire world-leading athletes through passion, purpose, performance, and perseverance. The energy and inspiration to form the company stem from the significant impact that sports (i.e., football, track, and wrestling) had on his life as a three-sport athlete and business professional.

As a former high school star athlete, retail professional, and energy executive, Lewis’s professional career and work experience include various roles with Fortune 500 companies, including Gap, Inc. and Wal-Mart, Inc., where he was placed into emerging leadership programs for rising company leaders.

At Gap Inc., Lewis was awarded the Corporate Together Award for Building Great Teams and Partnerships for the company.

In addition to his retail experience, several industry leading Oil & Gas related corporations have recruited Lewis for his business acumen, leadership, sales and marketing expertise.

Lewis has held a variety of leadership positions within the energy industry, including President- Houston for DK-LOK, Vice President Americas – Sales & Marketing for FITOK Group, Director – Business Development for DK-LOK, Regional Sales Manager – North & South America for FITOK Group, Inside Sales Manager – North America, Europe, Africa & Middle East (EAME) for Beta International, Inc., and Sales Representative USA for American Tube Products, Inc.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership from The College of Biblical Studies and (Th.M.) graduate studies in Philosophy from Dallas Theological Seminary. Lewis is also featured and referenced in Author, Joan Turley’s Book, Sacred Work in Secular Places.