Our Story

For several years, former high school star athlete, retail professional, and energy executive, Jacobi R. Lewis deep-seated dream and passion was to create a uniquely different and leading sportswear company based in Houston, TX.

As this passion intensified in 2016, Lewis pitched his idea to a few close friends and family members, only to be rejected with derision, opposition, and questions like, “Are you crazy? Why would you do something like that among several major U.S. based sportswear brands?”

Driven and undeterred by the criticism, Lewis, several neighborhood Starbucks baristas, a few coffee shop friends and colleagues thought otherwise and offered their help in support of his idea and dream. Founded in 2017, Lewis created the company IGETIS® (derived from the Greek: ηγέτης • [igétis] meaning “Leader”) with a mission to energize and inspire world-leading athletes through passion, purpose, performance, and perseverance.

The energy and inspiration to form the company stem from the significant impact that sports (i.e., football, track, and wrestling) had on his life, leadership, and success as a three-sport athlete and business professional.